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two people are hospitalized after a fire at an apartment building. this is happening right now at willowleaf drive and bass kins avenue. >> reporter: this isn't something you want to see on any night. especially on a holiday night like thanksgiving. we have a three-alarm fire. the firefighters are mopping up this point. a fire captain was fighting the flames when the roof collapsed on top of him the. he has been sent to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries. he's expected to be released by tomorrow. one of the tenants injured. they're not sure if that's related to the fire itself. they're trying to make that
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connection. this became a three-alarm fire because of the size and the intensity of the flames. one of the neighbors came outside to see what was going on. and told me that the flames were shooting high up in the sky. he was probably 20 or 30 feet away. he said it felt like a very hot bonfire. firefighters came out and tried to figure out how to put out this fire that involved six units. the four units on top, the total damage. the ones on the bottom, suffering from water and smoke damage. this building, the one you see right here, everyone has been evacuated. the ones on top. the total damage to those four units. looking at possibly a fireplace that was going before the fire started to see if there's a connection between that fireplace and the fire itself. one fire captain injured in this fire, trying to fight the flames. he is at a hospital tonight with
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minor to moderate injuries. >> thanks so much, george, for the update. on to our other big story tonight. black friday that turned into black thursday. shoppers out in full force. many of the retailers have opened their doors. this is the best buy at milpitas. the line to get in was a quarter-mile long. people had arrived monday afternoon, camping out for three days. one retailer has their hands especially full. walmart employees have walked off their jobs nationwide, protesting the poor working conditions and the new black thursday working hours. kimber kimberly, this is going to continue tomorrow? >> reporter: that's right. today and tomorrow. not just in the bay area. it's nationwide. and those workers on strike say this is the perfect time to do it. while the focus is on the
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superstore for those preblock friday sales. some workers called in sick. others who were on the clock, well, they simply walked out. >> people should know, when you walk in and you see a smiley face symbol and you see all of the workers not smiling, something's wrong. >> reporter: a battle is under way between some walmart workers and the superstore. >> we have issues with management. sometimes they don't take us seriously. when we try to improve work conditions, they retaliate against us by cutting our hours. >> reporter: the workers are pressuring the country's largest employer to hear their concerns and do something about them. for some, it's as simple as a request for working equipment. >> i've been having to manually push these parts. i'm a young man. i can handle it. but i work with older individuals and younger individuals. and it's wear and tear on their
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body. i'd like to see them help us get the materials so we can get the job done. >> reporter: another issue among employees is safety. >> there's been robberies. we just, you know, some of us are scared. >> reporter: during last year's black friday sales, a man was shot during an attempted robbery. employees say this and other incidents have spark concern. and they want management to put in stricter protocols. not just on black friday, but every day. walmart says they care about their employees. and only a small minority is upset. they say they don't expect the protests at stores nationwide, to disrupt shoppers' experienced. most of the flyers handed out by protesters, but say it won't change your shopping habits. does it change your opinion about walmart or wanting to shop here? >> no. i love walmart. >> reporter: another protest is planned for here tomorrow, along with three other bay area
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locations. and also, hundreds of others, all across the nation, plan for tomorrow. anytime between 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> thanks so much. and if you're watching at home, be safe. roadways are busy. you can see a steady stream of headlights and taillights. people coming home from thanksgiving dinner or getting ready to go shopping. here's a look at the 280 interchange in the south bay. that's near the valley fair mall. and the new paragon outlets in livermore. they opened an hour ago. a look at our live traffic map, the traffic is very busy, heading towards the mall in both directions. bring your patience, if you're heading out on the roadways. the cease-fire between
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israel and hamas is holding. the wing of hamas is declaring it a victory over israel. the eight-day war was the worst cross-border fighting in eight years. they inflicted heavy damage on the militants. but hamas leaders say, israel's decision not to send in ground troops, is a testament to hamas' power. many israelis living near the gaza border does not expect the cease-fire to last. one smashed through the roof of a high school. a teacher returned to the school today to get ready for her students' return. >> to do the right thing in the last 24 hours. you know, you don't think so? >> no. it stays quiet for a few days. and then it will start all over again. >> closest to the border, military units were packing up to leave. there's a lot of people in this region who don't think it will be long before they're back at
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the boarders. here in the bay area, part of san francisco's beach are closed because of a sewer leak. it began when water was leaking from a manhole on to the beach. the public utility commission believes it was 90% storm water and 10% sewage. that was enough to keep visitors away. >> it sure did. i had to look overboard over this wall here and think, what's out there? human feces? >> people were out walking the open areas of the beach today. no word on when the mess will be cleaned up. a record-breaking crowd showed up in the south bay to work off pre-thanksgiving calories. the turkey trot took place this morning in downtown san jose. this year, the most runners so far. and they came from all over the bay area and as far away as
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singapore, stockholm and india. this fund-raiser included $1 million, that included a $500,000 donation from a tech company ceo. this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city has some bay area flare. the radio city rockettes kicked off the parade. then, it was time for the balloons, which included crowd favorites like kermit. as well as new balloons including elf on a shelf. we saw singer charlie ray jepsen and rachel crow. and of course, there were the marching bands, including one from the bay area. >> from california, here's the saratoga marching band and color guard.
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students from every continent on the globe is represented in the band. they played the "2012 american overture." >> i watched it this morning. they were spectacular. the saratoga marching band and color guard was 1 of 11 bands nationwide chosen to participate in this parade. still ahead at 11:00, strategy turned into a valuable lesson. friends of a young woman speak out. and a massive pileup in texas. we'll tell you what sparked the crash involving more than 150 vehicles. and it's a choice that has niners fans taking sides. smith or cap nick.
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we are tracking a cold night tonight for black friday shoppers. temperatures are plummeting in the north bay with low 40s. we'll tell you who could hit 30s. no travel delays due to weather if you're picking somebody up from the airports it looks good. we'll tell you about the travel trouble spots on the roads. >> also, my nieces, cindy and mckenzie in oklahoma. happy holidays and happy thanksgiving.
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two people are dead and dozens more are spending the day in the hospital after a massive pileup on the freeway. it happened on interstate 10 near beaumont, texas. while the traffic was cleared, it was so foggy at 8:00 this morning, drivers could not see the car or truck in front of them. up to 150 vehicles were involved in the pileup, including fedex trucks full of delivery boxes. here in california, six people have died in collisions across the state. four of them were not wearing seat belts. it's a story we hear too often. stephanie chuang has the story of a personal friend lost in a tragic accident. >> reporter: an only child, but a friend to many. including me. >> she loves love. >> reporter: figuring out her
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place in the world. erica had just moved from fremont to l.a. >> she had so much love to give. such a big heart. >> reporter: an unparalleled passion. but that life was cut short. around 4:00 monday morning, as she slept in her friend's car, they crashed into a another car. >> i think she woke up from the first impact and kind of panicked. and maybe tried to get out of the car. >> reporter: and took off her seat belt. >> another car from behind hit them full speed. >> reporter: the damage to her brain was too much. at 27 years old, eri$27 years or life. >> there were three called involved in this accident. everybody walked away from injuries. the difference of having the seat belt on and off makes a difference. >> reporter: according to the u.s. department of transportation, in the thanksgiving holiday period in 2010, 337 people died on the
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road nationwide. 55% of them were not wearing seat belts. and during the night hours between 6:00 and 5:59 in the morning, the people killed not wearing seat belts, jumped to 64%. san jose police lieutenant rick wegher says cautions are important this holiday week. >> we're all busy during the holiday times. we're worried about getting to where we need to be. and those distractions are no different than when you are texting. >> reporter: erica's loved ones are hoping her life lost can save many more. >> it's devastating. i know she's at a place now. but we're going to miss her. i'm going to miss her. today, a south bay football tradition, the lincoln a high
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school lineman suffered what his coach called a stinger of the neck and was taken to the hospital. three years ago, another san jose player nearly died. today's game was delayed for about 30 minutes. lincoln went on to defend their title for the 15th-straight year. winning 55-13. it wouldn't be thanksgiving in the bay area without the massive turkey dinner at glide memorial church. volunteers prepared and served 5,000 meals to those in need today. organizers have been planning since august. and today, hundreds of volunteers poured in early to make sure the big day went off without a hitch. many served for personal reasons. and many who received, said there's something special about glide. >> i lost my job. came close to homelessness myself. that could have easily been out there standing in line. >> glide has been the better of all the places i've come. they've always treated me with
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respect and dignity. >> most of the food served today was donated or paid for with grants. with thanksgiving out of the way, organizers are planning for christmas. we at nbc bay area are helping families in need. we'd appreciate your support. last saturday, we kicked off our annual food drive. we collected 27,000 bags of groceries for the second harvest good bank. we're off to a good start. but the need is still great. and you can still donate, from now until christmas day. head to any safeway store and buy a prepacked bag of groceries. let's get a check of our forecast. >> no major weather to speak of for tonight, as doppler radar scans around. we're dry in the north bay, east bay and south bay. a lot safer on the roadways. temperatures dropping to
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extremely cold levers. grab the jacket. grab the layers, maybe the gloves and the scarves tonight. and dropping to frigid levels with 49 in san jose and 43 in gilroy. we know a lot of the stores are open here at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. right now into the early morning. and temperatures are dropping for you in sunnyvale. 45. and 49 in downtown san jose. let's take you outside to our sky camera network on this thanksgiving evening. city hills shining bright. visibility at ten miles or better. it's great for traveling tonight. a lot of cars out there. we had the bay bridge approach stacked up at 9:00 tonight. that's starting to loosen up a little bit. probably a lot of people down in the stores in san francisco. we aren't free from hazards, if you're doing traveling in the next 24 hours. bay area, great visibility. if you're traveling from the bay
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area on the central valley, tracy southward to fresno, we're expecting some dense fog that could reduce visibility at a quarter-mile or less. that's the largest concern on the map in california. at lake tahoe, we're looking at slick spots and black ice, as temperatures drop into the 20s. not only at night, but tomorrow morning at highway 50 and interstate 80. take it slow if you're heading out tomorrow. pattern is clear. cloud line off to the north. we have a little bit of an early fall pattern setting in. we're going to go mild. how about two to five, six, seven degrees of warming here across the bay area. most aren't going to argue with that. it's going to be nice through the next two days. friday, saturday, even into sunday. 50s and 60s at the coastline. a little patchy fog. mainly sunny in the afternoon. and temperatures inland and isolated 70s coming your way. on saturday, the only hitch in
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that forecast is maybe a little bit of morning fog. as we head out tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m., if you're out and about, nothing in the way of major cloud cover. we'll see mid and high-level cloud covers at 7:00 a.m. into the noon hour. as we head throughout the afternoon on friday, widespread sunshine expected to come our way. rain-free forecast. and if you're doing that black friday shopping, we've been talking about the cold temperatures. how cold is it going to get? 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. temperatures in the low 40s, feeling like the 30s. gives you a little bit of a wind. it helps to pull the moisture from your body. 39 in santa rosa. 38 in napa. and the mid to upper 40s in the south bay. a lot of folks from the east coast, saying that's not that cold. 70 in santa rosa. 71 in redwood city. hopefully you had an awesome thanksgiving with you and your family. tomorrow, we're looking in temperatures in the low 70s.
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we're going to stay with that trend throughout saturday. how about your sunday forecast. it will stay dry traveling back to wherever you came from here. it will be dry travel then. for monday, cooler. temperatures in the 60s. wednesday night and thursday, we're looking at a 65% chance of rainfall in the forecast. pretty good by next thursday for some rain. right now, pretty good for some hot deals on this cold night. >> if you're still out and about at 4:00 a.m., and people are out and about. >> they are. >> some of the stores open at 10:00. and they're open for 24 hours straight. >> tweet and facebook us your pictures. >> we would love that. >> we'll share them tomorrow. >> thanks, jeff. still to come, the south bay's largest ice rink now open. the olympic gold medalist you might catch. okay, here's the plan.
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if you're looking for fun for the family or exercise, head to downtown san jose. skaters put on the skates to enjoy downtown ice. it's the largest outdoor ice skating rink in the south bay. there will be a special celebration tomorrow night. chrissy yamaguchi and mayor chuck reed will be special guests there. well, niners quarterback news. >> reports are calling kaepernick starting for the 49ers on sunday in new orleans. but the 49ers offensive coordinator sounds off about those reports and what he says is really going upon.
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the thanksgiving meals are long over. but the 49ers are still dige
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digesting their quarterback situation. alex smith had not been cleared to play. but the team is not ruling him out for sunday's game in new orleans. has reported that jim harbaugh told smith that colin kaepernick will start against the saints. and the decision was not based on smith's status. the offensive coordinator disputed that report. >> no decision has been made. we're hopeful that alex gets cleared tomorrow, physically. you know, we're confident in both quarterbacks to be on the field. you know, coach -- we're always going to make information as we have it and make the best decision for the team at the time. we have ultimate confidence in either. thanksgiving football. patriots and jets. this was ugly for the jets. patriots up 14-0.
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mark sanchez collides into his teammate. and it gets worse. ensuing kickoff. joe mcknight returns it for 25 yards. but he fumbled the ball. the jets had five turnovers and gave up five touchdowns in the second quarter. patriots win big, 49-19. a thanksgiving tradition from detroit. the texans visiting the lions. fourth quarter, bell with a 23-yard run. that puts the lions up seven late. under two minutes to play, arian foster plunges this one in. and graham has a 32-yard attempt. it's good. the only time houston led all game. but it counted. redskins/cowboys. a huge, dynamic, spectacular game from rg-3. pick your word. they all apply. late second quarter, connecting
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on a 59-yard t.d. pass. four passing t.d.s for the second-straight game. the redskins win by seven. an annual turkey bowl. this is for the aaa san francisco section championship. mission has the lead late in the game. but a touchdown and a two-point conversion with less than 30 seconds left gave lincoln the 22-21 win. congratulations to them. and the 49ers should have a quarterback decision on friday before they leave for new orleans. and the warriors play the nuggets in denver. we'll have the highlights for you. until then, we'll be back after the break. there you are. happy thanksgiving to you. >> thanks so much. back in a moment.
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are you ready to tackle black friday. if you're planning to snatch up a lot of great deals, we have
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something that could help you. this one-of-a-kind supervised shopping cart can probably fit all of the things you plan to buy. 12 feet long, 9 feet tall and has a chevy engine. it's being used in a parade. you can rent it for 400 bucks. just have to get it here to the west coast. >> oh, my gosh. clear and chilly skies. but that can mean fog, right? >> if anyone's heading into the interstate 5 corridor, the tracy area, modesto. thick fog expected tomorrow morning. temperatures are cold. if you're heading out shopping early, bundle up. numbers in the upper 30s and low 40s. dry weather and low 70s coming for small business saturday. on saturday, obviously. >> thanks so much for joining us. have a great holiday weekend. hey, look! a shooting star!
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